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Reducing Manual Work with Automation

  • Use our AI assistant to schedule meetings with your clients.

  • Create and share personalized calendars with everyone.

  • Send alerts & reminders to eliminate last-minute cancellations.

  • Send email templates and schedule appointments to save time.

best appointment scheduling

Event Scheduling Software

Plan & schedule your events easily by sharing your event booking links with your customers

event scheduling software
event booking link

Event Booking Link

create events booking links by selecting the date, time, and location. Share the event booking links with your clients which makes it easy to book the appointments directly with the use of booking links

buffer time

Buffer Time

Add buffer times to your schedule to allow yourself preparatory time before and after each appointment.

multi-channel support

Multi-channel Support

Schedule an event using multi-channels such as - Phone calls, person-to-person, 500conference for a video conference in this era of Pandemic

group events

Group Events

Schedule group events, webinars, and online classes with the use of custom event types and also select the maximum number of attendees who can attend the event according to your team.

custom domain

Custom Domain

Promote your business using custom domains with your business name in them.

invite attendees

Invite Attendees

Create an invite in seconds, send it, and get a response in minutes. Booking is straightforward as it can be.

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Calendar Integrations

Synchronize calendars with third-party apps with a single click to simplify collaboration and avoiding double booking

calendar integrations
google calendar integration

Google Calendar Integration

Organize your calendar to book more meetings, appointments, and events. Easily configure Google calendar so that you can never miss an appointment.

gotomeeting integration

GoToMeeting Integration

Connect your calendar with GoToMeeting for improved video conferencing. Automatically generate all the conference details and get them shared with you and your customers in seconds.

ical integration

iCal Integration receives appointments created in iCal and prevents a new customer from booking that time. The system prevents double bookings.

office 365 integration

Office 365 Integration

Streamline your bookings by integrating your calendar with Office 365 calendar.

outlook integration

Outlook Integration

Organize your calendar to book more meetings, appointments, and events. Ensure that you never miss another meeting by configuring Outlook.

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Notifications and Reminders

Automate online booking confirmation emails, reminders, and updates on any changes to keep the clients updated

notifications and reminders
send invites

Send Invites

Invite clients to a meeting within seconds, send them a request, and receive a response within minutes. Booking is straightforward as it can be.

cancellation and rescheduling

Cancellation and Rescheduling

You can set up meetings with prospects with just a few clicks - whenever the time is right. Cancellations drop because rescheduling is easy, fast, and convenient for the customer.

event reminders

Event Reminders

Automate your event reminders any time you make changes to your schedule

Find out more about Notifications and Reminders

Website and Email Embeds

Embed your calendar on your website or emails by copying and pasting the script code or sharing it via emails

website and email embeds
embed code on website

Embed Code on Website

Embed the appointment scheduler on your website and streamline meeting scheduling, increase lead conversion rate, and get a seamless client experience.

embed on email

Embed on Email

Share the generated script code via email to integrate the appointment scheduler into your site to streamline appointment scheduling, improve the conversion rate of leads, and provide an effortless user experience.

easy scheduling

Easy Scheduling

Customers can book an appointment via any page of your website and don't have to create a scheduling system on their own.

share script code via mail

Share Script Code Via Mail

Use embeds instead of email follow-ups and lead forms to schedule meetings instantly with your prospects or customers as soon as they decide to reach out.

Find out more about Website and Email Embeds

Buffer Time

Pick your desired intervals and let handle the buffer time between meetings

buffer time
multi-channel support

Multi-channel Support

Utilize multi-channel methods to schedule the event, such as phone calls, person-to-person meetings, 500Conference for a video conference in an era of pandemics

inbuild-video conference

Inbuild-video Conference

Connect with clients all around the world by using the inbuilt-video conference by scheduling events and appointments

person to person

Person to Person

Set up in-person meetings with clients and send confirmation emails with location information.


Phonecall allows clients to book an appointment and receive your number once it's been scheduled.

Find out more about Buffer Time


Find all the information in a visual report format, and cut down on time spent analyzing, and ultimately managing your company in a more effective method

past appointments

Past Appointments

Obtain all records of past meetings, invites, and appointments according to date, day, and time. Find out what day and time the events were scheduled.

analyze revenue

Analyze Revenue

Analyze the graphical reports of all your meetings and events to get an estimate of the total revenue generated from appointments.

user list

User List

Obtain a list of attendees for appointments and events that you or your clients have booked.

advanced reports

Advanced Reports

Reviews and dashboards assist you to examine and dig into all the metrics to your everyday schedule.

Find out more about Reports

Client Portal

Offer a better client experience and take complete control of who is scheduling meetings online through the client portal

client portal
set your client portal

Set Your Client Portal

Provide your clients with the ability to book appointments directly on the client portal. Manage your appointments in real-time and plan your time accordingly.

fully customizable

Fully Customizable

Configure the client portal to reflect your preferred availability. Avoid double bookings by allowing your customers to choose the dates and times that match your availability.

allow recurring bookings

Allow Recurring Bookings

Simplify your client's booking schedule by providing recurring bookings through the client Portal. Provides clients with the option of setting time intervals, appointment start dates, and appointment end dates.

interact conveniently

Interact Conveniently

Allow prospects and existing clients to create accounts and schedule appointments whenever it is convenient for them.

Find out more about Client Portal

Custom Fields

Use custom fields to add more information about upcoming appointments or events

custom fields
text-based custom fields

Text-based Custom Fields

Personalize your events, and appointment scheduling by adding the required text-based custom fields. Add more information by using the text-based custom fields.

easy editing

Easy Editing

Organize your meetings and appointments with more information by easily editing the required fields.

label fields

Label Fields

Label the fields to which you want to add information so that customers can see it in their email notifications.

Find out more about Custom Fields

Calendar Management

Make sure you plan all your private events around your scheduled appointment. Forget being late for your appointments

calendar management
share calendar

Share Calendar

Schedule events with your clients, collaborators, or team members by sharing the personalized calendar link. Let them decide on the perfect time to connect.

intelligent scheduling

Intelligent Scheduling

Use AI-powered assistants to schedule appointments easily. It reminds the user of existing appointments through its online scheduler features.

calendar view

Calendar View

Now you can easily view the appointments and meetings scheduled with you in an easy-to-use calendar view.

add timezone details

Add Timezone Details

Connect, coordinate and communicate with clients in different time zones.

sync with popular calendars

Sync With Popular Calendars

Synchronize the calendar automatically by granting third-party apps access to the calendar in a couple of clicks

Find out more about Calendar Management


Easily schedule appointments from all the places you, your team members, and your clients prefer. Allow your clients to pick locations and schedule appointments that are convenient to them

organize through one account

Organize Through One Account

Manage all appointments across several locations, including multiple office sites or franchises

adjustable calendar

Adjustable Calendar

Get an immediate overview of the schedule at any moment, color code the calendar according to location or staff

timezone detection

Timezone Detection

Auto-detects & adjusts appointment times based on you & your client’s timezone differences.

intuitive scheduling

Intuitive Scheduling

AI Assistant automatically detects related phrases in incoming emails and books appointments and conference rooms based on attendee’s responses.

Find out more about Multi-location

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