Buffer Time

Allow buffer time between multiple events

Give buffer time between appointments and events that need to be planned and scheduled. Allow adequate time for people to attend the activities so that no crucial topics are missed.

Buffer Time

Allow Buffer Time Duration Between Multiple Events

Wait a few moments for events to be prepared and booked by giving buffer time before and after the events.

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multi-channel support

Multi-channel Support

Schedule an event using multi-channels such as - Phone calls, person-to-person, 500conference for a video conference in this era of Pandemic

inbuild-video conference

Inbuild-video Conference

Organize events and appointments with clients around the globe by using the inbuilt video conference

person to person

Person to Person

Arrange in-person meetings with clients and send location details in confirmation emails.



Provide the clients with your number once the appointment is booked using schedule.cc

What is Buffer Time?

Buffer time is extra time added to prepare for the next appointment or event. Add buffer time before and after any events or meetings to give you time to prepare for them. Give clients a minimum amount of notice to schedule their appointments.

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