The Story of's Birth

Explore why we built and why we felt the need of developing an appointment scheduling software for growing business.

We felt very fortunate after our success with Agile CRM, our all-in-one customer relationship management (CRM) solution. We credited all of the small and medium-sized businesses that were signing up and benefiting from its comprehensive features. We eventually started to meet with each of our customers to see if there was anything else we could help them with so they could experience the app fully.

It was just about then that we realized what a nightmare it was to try to schedule time with all of our active customers. We had realized that our customers could also benefit from a better way to schedule their appointments more efficiently.

It soon became clear that we needed to find a solution that includes the ability to schedule individual and group meetings as well as the ability to send invitations for invitees to schedule their own appointments based on your availability. But, how?

The Problem

Time is extremely valuable. Unfortunately, our teams and our customers were spending an exorbitant amount of time emailing each other back and forth to find the best time and place to meet. We eventually tried sending out a handful of available times that we could meet and let them pick one. Again, it proved to be too tedious.

We wanted to be able to schedule internal or external meetings for times determined by us, but we also wanted to be able to block out partial or full days for appointments that could be chosen by our invitees, just as easily. Scheduling any type of event, and specifying which is which, was important to us so we could plan internal and external events effortlessly.

The Problem

Along with these events, we wanted to be able to schedule meeting spaces and equipment at the same time so we knew we would have them available to us when we needed them.

We were not interested, however, in spending a bunch of time creating email invitations in order to send these events out. Having some sort of template to send invitations appealed to us. Having an entire library of them appealed to us even more.

Then there was the problem of sending seemingly endless reminders and invitations. These tasks were eating up even more of our valuable time. Hiring another employee was an option, but not what we were looking for. What we really needed was somebody to volunteer to do them for us, free of charge...of course, that was never going to happen.

Since there were a couple of tools out there that we could possibly choose from, but didn’t have everything we needed, we decided to gather our business requirements so we could get the right tool for us.

The Requirements

The Requirements

We determined that our primary requirements were the following:

1. Let customers set appointments based on our availability:

In order to eliminate the annoying back-and-forth emails, we wanted to be able to provide times and durations that worked for us and allow invitees to choose their time.

2. Schedule for various event types:

Whether we were scheduling client meetings or wanted them to create appointments based on our availability, we wanted to be able to do both from the same dashboard.

3. Create new events easily:

We wanted to make sure creating new events wasn’t going to take too much time or there wouldn’t be much of a benefit to it.

4. Resource scheduling:

It would make meeting and appointment planning much easier if we were able to schedule our resources as well.

5. Calendar views:

Including the ability to view all of our events on one calendar would make planning much easier for us.

6. Create and choose email templates:

Another way to save significant amounts of time was to be able to create email templates to use over and over again. A list of built-in templates would be even more ideal.

7. Automated scheduling, notifications and reminders:

To alleviate the need for the non-existent free employee, we wanted another way to automate scheduling, notifications, reminders, email replies, etc.

With these requirements in mind, we sought out the perfect scheduling solution, but couldn’t locate one that met all of our requirements and was affordable.

The Solution

The search for the perfect software brought us back to the app development drawing board where we started to come up with our own solution. Thus, was created.

The solution was not only capable of helping teams schedule all of their meetings and appointments, it also featured Artificial Intelligence (AI) to is assist in all scheduling, rescheduling, cancellations, notifications, reminders, and more. It included fully-functional appointment scheduling capabilities allowing users to set their availability, durations for each time slot, buffer times between appointments, and more to send a link using the included email templates to all invitees so they could sign up for their time slots.

The Solution

Similarly, one-on-one, team, or group meetings can be sent using email templates with a unique link for them to RSVP to set meeting times, all viewable with a comprehensive calendar view.

We included resource scheduling so all meeting rooms and equipment would be available for all meetings scheduled and to reserve any other space in your office, such as game rooms. We also realized how helpful this technology would be to organizations that have spaces available to third parties, as they would be able to use the resource scheduling feature for all of their resource reservation needs.

The game-changing AI assistant is our crowning achievement with Simply copying the AI assistant in an email triggers it to do the rest. Plus, with the ability to recognize content in emails that it determines is regarding scheduling a meeting, it will also trigger and take over planning. The AI assistant can automate your scheduling, notifications, reminders, and replies as well as cancel meetings or choose new times based on everyone’s availability.

The resulting software solution allows growing organizations to schedule appointments and meetings like a Fortune 500 company would and continually impress their customers. Try it today with our 30-day free trial and see how it can save you considerable time and money on all of your scheduling needs.

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